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Content overview
Libyan Journal of Medicine considers the following types of articles:

Original articles: reports contain data from original research within the journal’s scope.
Reviews: comprehensive, authoritative, descriptions of any subject within the journal's scope.
Case reports: reports of clinical cases that should be educational, describe a diagnostic or therapeutic dilemma, suggest an association, or present an important adverse reaction.
Brief communications: brief reports of data from original research, usually about 1500 words.
ABC-articles: are written for medical students and general audience on a disease, procedure or treatment.
Editorials: provide focused commentary and analysis concerning a topic of interest to ljm readers. These articles may be up to 1,400 words and may include 1 figure or table. Editorials are usually invited but may be submitted without invitation on articles published in ljm or in other journals.
Letters to the Editor may be in response to an article in ljm or may concern a topic of interest in current medicine. The body of the letter should be as concise as possible and in general should not exceed 250 words. A maximum of 3 authors may be listed on a letter, and up to 10 references and 1 figure or table may be included. There is no guarantee that letters will be published. Letters are subject to editing and shortening without notice.
Special Articles include content that does not fit in the aforementioned categories and may cover any topic of interest to ljm readers. These articles are full-length papers consisting of detailed descriptions of the problem, the approach, the findings, and appropriate discussion, and must include an abstract.

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