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Evaluation of Renal Volume by Ultrasonography in Patients with Essential Hypertension in Ile-Ife, South Western Nigeria
Adedeji A Egberongbe  1, Victor A Adetiloye 2, Abiodun O Adeyinka 2, Olusegun T Afolabi 2, Anthony O Akintomide 2, Olugbenga O Ayoola  2
1 - Department of Radiology, Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex, Ile Ife.
2 -
Libyan J Med 2010; 5 0-0
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Background and Aims: To determine renal volume in adult patients with essential hypertension and correlate it with age, sex, body mass index, body surface area and duration of hypertension. Patients and Methods: One hundred and fifty adults (75 males, 75 females) with essential hypertension and normal renal status were evaluated sonographically in this prospective study. Fifty healthy individuals (25 males, 25 females) without hypertension were also evaluated as control. Renal volume was then calculated from the kidney’s length, width and anterio-posterior diameter using the formula L x W x AP x 0.523. Results: The range of renal volume obtained was 51.65–205.02 cm3, with a mean of 114.06 ± 29.78 cm3 for left kidney and 47.37–177.50 cm3 with a mean of 106.14 ± 25.42 cm3 for the right kidney. The mean volumes of the right kidney and left kidneys in males (112.98 ± 25.56 cm3 and 123.11± 32.49cm3, respectively), were significantly higher than in females (99.31 ± 23.07 cm3 and 105.01± 23.77 cm3, respectively). Renal volume correlated significantly with BSA and BMI, but decreased with age. The renal volume showed no correlation with duration of hypertension. Conclusion: Renal volume is higher in the left than the right kidney in hypertensive patients of both sexes and female hypertensive patients have smaller kidney size compared to males. The study also show that volume of both kidneys decreases with age and positive correlation between renal volume, BSA and BMI. However, there is no correlation between renal size and duration of hypertension.

ICID 901336

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