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Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic Non Ketotic Coma and Rhabdomyolysis- An Uncommon Clinical Encounter
Chepsy Philip 1, Jubbin Jacob 1, Sanjay Gupta 1
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Libyan J Med 2009; 4(4):133-134
ICID: 890283
Article type: Letter/Correspondence
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Rhabdomyolysis is usually attributed to trauma. However there is an association of rhabdomyolysis with hyperosmolar states. Recognition of this association will enable better management of the patient and reduce the burden on the care taker by preventing the onset of complications that can prove fatal. It is also important to realise that hyperosmolar coma can be the presenting complaint of a diabetic seeking medical attention for the first time

ICID 890283

DOI 10.4176/090708

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