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The Case of the Libyan HIV-1 Outbreak
O Bagasra 1, M Alsayari 2
1 - Department of Biology, South Carolina Center for Biotechnology, USA
2 - South Carolina Center for Biotechnology, USA
Libyan J Med 2007; 2(1):21-23
ICID: 870251
Article type: Letter/Correspondence
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El-Fateh Children’s Hospital case has proven to be more enigmatic than most of us predicted when it first came to surface. The social and legal implications of this case have clouded the scientific thinking process of many. In our opinion, as scientists we should look for the truth no matter what its’ outcome. Politicizing a scientific matter always leads to a dangerous abyss. The only way to do so is to try to comprehend what exactly happened based on scientific evidence regardless of who did it and why!

ICID 870251

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